crit note: device prototype

By mixing, overlapping, connecting, mapping, etc. the “6 splices” could produce 30 likly results or more. I am then becoming the narrator of the narrative, the cotroller of the event by utilising my visions.

It makes me to think sometimes when client say: “I don’t like the garden to be there”, maybe that is because he/she was looking at the opening window through the garden first. Then probably it is the problem of the opening, not the garden.

  • Would it be possible to locate the sequence of the others’ vision by simply tracking their eye movement, we can therefore easily learn what they are truly looking at?
  • Would it be possible to let the others learn what we are truly thinking through the same process, how much commons we can therefore conduct the occupants within the same space to tell the same story? 

Eye Movement Tracking Technique

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